Monache Meadows

Kennedy / Monache Meadows

Inyokern, California

Monache Meadows is a seasonal use area. Monache Meadows is open from late May or early June (depending on snow) until the snow falls in late fall or winter. 

For current trail and fire restriction information, check with the  Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest ; 760-376-3781

Or the Inyo National Forest office in Bishop, California ; 760-873-2400

Monache Meadows Trail Map

2016 Monache Video

The Kern River at Monache Meadows

Navigating to, and getting through, the 4x4 trail leading to the meadows can be difficult, but once in the meadows, the trails are easy and include multiple water crossings through the south fork of the Kern River. 

We were able to tow a small pop up camper trailer into the meadows without issue, but we had to take it slow and be very careful. On the way back out, we rushed and lost a stabilizer jack on the trailer to a rock in the trail.

Taller trailers would have alot more trouble getting through some of the thick forest areas leading to the Meadows. 

If you want to prepare even more for your drive to Monache / Kennedy Meadows, watch this dash camera video of the drive from Black Rock Station to the end of the Meadows.