Coyote Lake

Lakeshore, California

Coyote Lake Trail

Coyote Lake Trail, MVUM number 26E213, is a high mountain trail that runs from Red Lake to Coyote Lake. This challenging, rock crawling 4x4 trail includes difficult rock obstacles, tight squeezes and a unique rocky, tree root stair step section. Aside from the rock crawling, this area offers swimming, fishing, and some amazing camping at either one of the lakes on each end of this trail.

Coyote Lake trail is under 2 miles long, but typically takes 1-2 hours to complete, plus an another hour each way for Red Lake Trail, which is the only entry / exit to Coyote Lake Trail.

This trail is subject to a seasonal closure. The gate, at Red Lake is typically open 6/15 through 11/01 of each year.

Coyote Lake Trail is part of the Red Mountain OHV trail system in the Sierra National Forest . Other nearby 4x4 trails in the Red Mountain OHV and surrounding Shaver Lake / Huntington Lake include Red Lake Trail, Mirror Lake Trail, Dusy Eshim, Swamp Lake Trail, Brewer Lake Trail and Bald Mountain.

Coyote Lake Trail Map

Trail start coordinates

37.193761, -119.108581

Trail end coordinates

37.188293, -119.089298

The Coyote Lake Trail Gate Keeper includes an easy to moderate line on the far west, a slightly harder moderate line in the middle and a near extreme line on the far east.

The easiest line ( not shown here ) is all the way around the tree at the east edge of this rock wall. The next line is just on the opposite side of that same tree and the hardest line is straight up the tall standing rock pile in front of you.

This rocky rutted, section of Coyote Lake Trail is made unique by a network of tree roots crossing the trail and creating a stair stepped, sometime undercut, obstacle to make your way over.

Center Rock / Lake Keeper

Center Rock / The Lake Keeper is the gate keeper at the end of Coyote Lake Trail; the final 'big' obstacle before you reach the lake and the camping areas near the lake. The 'center' rock on the trail here loves to grab rear differentials just as you think you've made it over. The trick to Center Rock is to put your tires high on the rock opposite the tree and dead center on Center Rock.

Coyote Lake ( the Lake )

Ham Radio Repeater Information

146.820- 141.3 / KE6JZ Shaver Lake (best coverage)

146.790- 100 / K6JSI Meadow Lake (Win System)

Both repeaters have very weak signal through most of Coyote Lake Trail. The best signal is on the east end of this trail, near Coyote Lake. We were able to work the KE6JZ Shaver Lake repeater from the campsites at the lake, but the Meadow Lake repeater could only be received.

Coyote Lake Trail APRS Coverage via an FTM-400DR and and SG7500A dualband mobile antenna .

The trail runs along the north side of mountain peak shown in the center here. That peak seems to block signal unless you are on either end of the trail.