Sandstone Canyon

Anza Borrego's Sandstone Canyon is a tall desert canyon and wash way just wide enough, in spots, for a Jeep or other 4x4 rig. This is a truly one-of-a-kind offroad trail with tall towering sandstone canyon walls, narrow alleyways and scattered rock obstacles.

Sandstone Canyon offers a unique rock crawling experience up this desert wash. The narrow canyon walls, unusual sandstone formations and collapsed rock wall obstacles add some character to this 4x4 trail in Anza Borrego, near Ocotillo Wells. The farther up the canyon you go, the more difficult the trail becomes.

This is an out and back trail; you have to go out the way you go in.

If you plan to run Sandstone Canyon, keep an eye on the weather and avoid this trail if rain is likely. Flash floods can turn Sandstone Canyon into a raging river.

For the same reason, it's also not a great idea to camp anywhere along this trail.