Dishpan Springs

Dishpan Springs / 3N34

Lake Arrowhead, California (San Bernardino County)

San Bernardino National Forest

Mountain Top Ranger District

Typically Open:

All Year

Recommended Vehicle:

Modified / Lifted 4WD 

About Dishpan Springs

Two notable waterfall obstacles and numerous rocky sections throughout Dishpan Springs make for one fun trail.

Dishpan Springs is the east end of forest route 3N34, the opposite side of Willow Creek Jeep trail, and is also known as the Crab Flats OHV route or Deep Creek Trail. 

Dishpan is the only off-road 4x4 trail connecting the off-road trail networks of Lake Arrowhead to the west and Big Bear's Holcomb Valley to the East. 

The steep waterfall obstacles of Dishpan Springs may look intimidating, but with the right line, they are doable. Both waterfall obstacles include easier bypasses to the side, but who runs this trail for the bypasses?

Near by Camping

Dispersed camping  and improved camping are all over the place on the Big Bear side of this trail, but limited on the Lake Arrowhead side.  On the Lake arrow side the North Shore Campground is a paid campground, usually full and is the only option.

 On the Big Bear side there are many more camping options with Crab Flats Campground right of the end of this trail.  

A few other improved campgrounds in Big Bear are