Crowley Lake 

Nestled in the picturesque Eastern Sierra Nevada region, the off-road trails at Crowley Lake offer a scenic adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. These relatively easy trails weave through mellow hills and low brush before reaching the sandy beaches and bright blue waters of Crowley Lake. 

A short hike, from the 4x4 trails, to see the Crowley Columns is a must. This natural wonder showcases a unique geological formation. The Crowley Columns are towering basalt pillars that were created by ancient volcanic activity. 

See more of Crowley Lake and the Crowley Columns in this 4K virtual trail tour video

The Crowley Columns are unique, natural stone formations along the shore sides of Crowley Lake that have been uncovered by years of erosion from the reservoirs waves and changing water levels. The columns are said to have been formed by a combination of volcanic activity, ash, melting snow and steam about 3/4 million years ago.