The Dusy Ershim

Shaver Lake, California

Dusy Ershim Trail

Considered, by some, to be harder than the Rubicon Trail, the Dusy Ershim Offroad Trail, forest route number 7S32,  is a rough, rocky, 30 mile long trail in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains that runs from the Courtright Reservoir to White Bark Vista at Kaiser Pass, southeast of Mono Hotsprings. In addition to some incredible wheeling and camping, you will find some great fishing in the numerous mountain lakes along this trail.

Is it harder than the Rubicon? Well, yes and no. The easiest lines on Dusy Ershim are harder than the easiest lines on the Rubicon, but the harder lines on the Rubicon are harder ( much harder ) than the hard lines on Dusy Ershim.

Allow three to four days to enjoy this trail and take in all the sights along the way. 

Dusy Ershim is a seasonal trail.

Dusy Ershim is typically open from August 1st to November 1st of each year.

For current trail and fire restriction information, check with the High Sierra Ranger District of the Sierra National Forest.  (559) 855-5355

White Bark Vista 2018

Ham Radio Repeater Information

Radio coverage on the Dusy is scarce. This trail very remote.

From high ground, with an open path to the west, we found these repeaters to be workable.

146.820- 141.3 / KE6JZ Shaver Lake ( best coverage )

146.790- 100 / K6JSI Meadow Lake ( Win System

2018 Shaver Lake Trails Video

A late start on our 2017 Dusy Ershim run put us at the base of Thompson Hill as the sun started to fade. The darkness of night made this mile long climb up Thompson Hill an interesting one. With our targeted campsite for the night at the top of Thompson Hill, at Thompson Lake, we pushed on. 

When we arrived at the Thompson Lake campsites, another group was there and greeted us with;

"You guys did Thompson at night!?" 

We did. And here's the dash cam to show what it was like. 

Thanks for having the campfire ready for us guys!