John Bull

John Bull / 3N10

Big Bear, California (San Bernardino County)

San Bernardino National Forest

Mountain Top Ranger District

Typically Open:

All Year

Recommended Vehicle:

Modified / Lifted 4WD 

About John Bull

Rocks, rocks and more rocks.  John Bull Flat, forest route number 3N10, is one continuous rock garden after another with only a few short, easy sections in between the numerous rock obstacles. This off-road trail in the mountains north of Big Bear Lake, California, in the San Bernardino National Forest is one of Holcomb Valley's best rock crawling trails. 

Steep climbs, dense boulder fields, some moderate off-camber obstacles and views of the distant desert down the mountain are just a few of the aspects of John Bull that make it a legendary Big Bear Trail.

John Bull Trail can be run in either direction. Each direction presents new and fun off-road challenges. 

Near by Camping

Dispersed camping  and improved camping are all over the place in Big Bear. From paid campgrounds, to yellow post site, to a hidden nook off on the side of a trail, you can find camping just about anywhere. 

A few improved campgrounds in the area are

Ham Radio Repeater Information

147.330+ 131.8  / K6BB covers all of John Bull, all of Holcomb Valley and far beyond. This is a high power, reliable repeater that licensed hams can count on. Thanks, K6BB!

446.320 - 141.3 / KI6HHU on Double Mountain in Tehachapi also reaches John Bull, with the exception of a few low points on the east side of the trail. This repeater is part of the KERN System, linked by RF to Mount Frazier and covers a wide area in southern and central California.