Granite View Loop (RTF Property)

Granite View Loop/ Rubicon Trail Foundation Property

Pollock Pines, California (El Dorado County)

Private Property

Owned by the Rubicon Trail Foundation

Typically Open:


Recommended Vehicle:

Modified / Lifted 4WD 

*this trail is opened and closed at the Rubicon Trail Foundations discretion. As you reach the tree line, if the chain is up, its closed. If the chain is down, its open. 

Granite View Loop / Rubicon Trail Map

About Granite VIew Loop

This trail is on private property, owned by the RTF ( Rubicon Trail Foundation ) and open to the public at the discretion of the RTF. While Granite View Loop is typically open from June through November, the best way to plan for this trail is to contact the Rubicon Trail Foundation for current status. 

This trail connects from the bottom of Indian trail / the Slabs on the Rubicon, travels into the RTF property and makes a loop around the large granite hill sitting above Rubicon Springs. 

There are great technical sections of rock crawling through here.  Granite View Loop is the answer to those that want more of the Rubicon!

Near by Camping

Camping is allowed on the property, but subject to restriction from private events. There are no facilities / no toilets / no trash collections on the property. You must pack out everything you pack in.

Other nearby camping options are at Buck Island Lake or along the Rubicon Trail between here and Buck Island Lake. 

Ham Radio Repeater Information

146.805 - 123.0  / KA6GWY covers the west slope of El Dorado County and the Sacramento area.

444.9875 + 156.7  / Spider Lake with coverage on almost all of the Rubicon