Camping Gear

Camping gear / Overland gear; from tents to flash light, from cook sets and sleeping bags and coffee makers, here are some of the things that work for us when we are out there.


The Coleman 6-person instant cabin is my tent of choice. This large tent goes up and tears down in minutes. This is important when running multi-day trails like the Rubicon or the Dusy, where you don't have hours to set up and tear down camp each day.

The down side of this tent is its size when packed. The tent is long and just barely fits the width of a Jeep Wrangler JKs interior.

The Black Diamond vista is a super light weight, super compact tent that works well when space is limited, but setup and tear down are much longer than the Coleman.


If you have the space, add a cot to your camping gear for more comfort while camping on the trail. In warmer weather, the cot may be all you need and the tent can be left behind.

Keeping warm at night

This is the sleeping bag I use to keep warm. Ideal comfort range is listed at 20-40 degrees, though anything under low 40s still makes for a cold night and you will want an additional blanket or warm clothes to sleep in.

If you want some extra warmth and have decent ventilation in your tent, you can look into tent heaters as well.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

If you're like me, instant coffee doesn't cut it.

Here is a solution for K-cup coffee while you are on the trail or at camp.

Just heat your water, put in your K cup and pour and press through this manual press for a great morning cup of coffee at camp.


Simple and compact, here is an easy camp cooking solution. The cook set fits together in a small package and the stove is a simple single burner that uses compact propane canisters.


Tarps are always handy to have available. Every 4x4 rig should have 1 or 2 tarps packed away for times of need.

From a simple ground cover to make crawling under your rig for a trail repair easier, to a rain cover, to an extra layer of insulation over a tent, tarps are multi-purpose, inexpensive and easy to pack into your rig.

Trash Management

A Trasharoo, an old large duffel bag, or similar trash storage system is a must while camping on the trail.

You can make your own or purchase something designed to attach to the rear of your vehicle. Either way, always pack out your trash!