Trail Roster

Welcome to Trail Roster 

Trail Roster is a collection of memories from the places we wheel, information on the 4x4 rigs we run and the gear we use while on the trail.

We wheel all over California, from the Rubicon Trail to Knoxville, from Bald Mountain, Swamp Lake and the Dusy Ershim to Big Bears John Bull, Gold Mountain, Holcomb Creek Trail and Mottino Wash. From the Anza Borrego Desert to Monache Meadows in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and more. 

These are the places we wheel and love, the offroad rigs that get us through these trails and the gear we use while we are there. 

The scenic and challenging rock crawling, 4x4, offroad trails we know and love. 

The offroad machines that get us through these incredible rock crawling trails.

The tools we use for off-grid communication, navigation, recovery, camping and more.

Rubicon Trail - 2018 - Wheeling, Camping, Swimming...